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Variety VIP+ Special Report: Metaverse & Media

What exactly is the Metaverse? Are we there yet? …and why does the Metaverse matter in the first place? Here to help answer some of the tough questions as we transition into our new reality, The Variety VIP+ Special Report on Metaverse & Media seeks to shed light on these tough questions.

BLANK XR + SPATIALx Founder and CEO, Denise E. White is a key contributor alongside industry professionals from Epic, ViacomCBS, Wunderman, and more.

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What Exactly is the Metaverse?

What’s wonderful about it is, at this stage, we all still have an opportunity to have the common understanding of the metaverse as the next evolution of the World Wide Web. But then I think from there, there’s many different interpretations of how it progresses at that point. “

Denise E. White CEO + Founder, SPATIALx and BLANK XR

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