Synthetic Replicants in XR Are Here to Save the Music Industry

Throughout the world, COVID-19 has decimated the music and entertainment industry, especially emerging artists and live events. However, immersive tech company BLANK XR are rising to the challenge with a new AI-driven synthetic media format called Immortal XR. 

“This global change is accelerating the acceptance of new realities. It’s forcing us to re-think how artists will deliver entertainment now and in the future. The type of human cloning we’re talking about is neither embryonic nor cellular it’s holographic. We’re moving from carbon-based entertainment to AI-driven, synthetic media, creating interactive experiences that are fully immersive and conversational,” said BLANK XR CEO Denise E. White.

Immortal XR will make a new channel for artists to converse directly with fans in holographic form 24/7, streamed directly to consumers worldwide in all four realities: Virtual, Augmented, Mixed, and IRL. Artists can provide a localized language experience and give personalized call-outs to fans individually even though they’re watching the same performance. It’s better than “being there.” 

The key, Denise says, lies in “connecting holographic likeness with human intelligence and AI to create a digital replicant that is realistic visually, audibly and with life-like, believable sentiment.” That’s enough to inspire a movement and disrupt the status quo. Some of entertainment’s top producers are paying close attention to how BLANK XR’s new format will impact the industry.

The BEYOND 2020 Conference is featuring Immortal XR in the Immersive Futures Showcase this month, with a live “Meet the Makers” session scheduled for Dec 2nd, 2020. It will provide an exclusive sneak peek into the Deep Voice Engine driving Immortal XR. Don’t miss out! Tickets for the online event are available at or visit to learn more.

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